Saturday, May 18, 2013

JK Rowling's Personal Harry Potter Copy Up for Auction

The fictional story of wizardry that changed the world and author JK Rowling's life will be up for sale - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. But this isn't just any copy of the series' first novel.

Rowling's personal copy is one of 500 first editions of the Philosopher's Stone. The book has been annotated with her handwritten notes of how or where she created certain aspects of the novel.

For instance, it's been revealed that Quidditch was created after she had a fight with her then-boyfriend and she recognized that she needed a sport for her fictional community. And she questioned whether the Hufflepuff house animal should be a badger.

Some of her notes are full ink illustrations - 22 in total - of how she envisioned certain characters such as Professor Severus Snape and the Albus Dumbledore chocolate frog card.

This extraordinary auction held by Sothebys will be sold on May 21st along with texts by Julian Barnes, Yann Martel, Ian McEwan and Sir Tom Stoppard. It is apart of their series titled: First Editions, Second Thoughts.

Read the full article at Daily Mail UK.

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