Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe Won't Be Apart of Universal Orlando Theme Park Expansion

Word around the Universal Studios block is that fellow Harry Potter actors Helena Bonham Carter and Rupert Grint complied to filming additional scenes for the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion.

There has been no official word on where this new short film will be used within the theme park, set to open in summer 2014 but we've been waiting anxiously to wonder if other actors will be making appearances.

Hypable reports that Daniel Radcliffe confirmed that he is not apart of the videos for the theme park, saying "No, I can’t get away with that any more, I’d just look foolish. I’d never totally close the door [to returning to Potter] for the reason that Jo’s a great writer. But no more school boy stuff."

In previous interviews and press Radcliffe has been adamant that he would not star in a new Harry Potter film if JK Rowling continued with the series Entertainment Wise reports though that if Radcliffe could choose to be apart of a new franchise of Harry Potter without him in the title role, he would take on a cameo of the father, James Potter.

To an extent we do not know what if any other characters from the film series are involved in the new attractions at Universal Studios such as Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, or Voldemort. The news of cast appearances in the new park - even if they are short videos - will definitely add a flavor of detail and excitement for fans visiting Universal Studios attractions.

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