Friday, December 03, 2021

Hedwig Inspired DIY Ornament

Tis the season for decorating the tree. If you're anything like me who loves to tackle a few holiday projects, you might like this tutorial for a Hedwig inspired ornament. 

The idea came to me while I was at Hobby Lobby and found this wooden snowy owl for about $3. A quick tutorial has been included below. I've also included a fun time lapse video on my instagram and tiktok for you to enjoy and share if you need more visuals. Overall, this is a fun and quick DIY for wizarding folks.

These are the basic supplies for project that you'll need - 

- brushes ranging from medium to fine pointed
- acrylic paint (white, yellow, and black)
- a jar of water to rinse brushes (if you're not using more than one for each type)

 Depending on the type of owl ornament you pick up, the sizes of brushes may vary.

Start with the medium sized brush and white paint to cover the body. 

Use a smaller sized brush for the face and around the eyes. 

If the material for the ornament has a darker wooden grain, you might have to apply more than one coat of white paint. I liked the natural grain of this one as well as the angled carves - so I kept the coats to a minimum. 

Make sure to wait for the paint to dry between coats - especially from white to black.

With a fine tipped or pointed brush, use black paint to create Hedwig's spots / feathers. I tried to create a diagonal motion creating a variety of rows from rushed to slower strokes. Don't forget the the claws if your ornament has the space.

I also painted the back and side for the feathers to expand all the way around. 

Call me cautious - but I didn't want to go too crazy accentuating the face. I only applied a simple outline of yellow paint for the eyes.

But there's all different kinds of ways you can approach this step including making yellow pupils or changing the shape of the eyes into ovals. 

And, voila! Here's the before and after of the Hedwig inspired ornament DIY. 

The overall time it took to complete was around 45 minutes. And the cost for the DIY shouldn't be more than $10 to 15 dollar for the paint and brushes at places like Michaels, Joanne Fabrics, Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.

This is an easy craft to do both for adults or spending quality time with family, and adds a dash of magic to any Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy!

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